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The art of giving, where healing begins at a state of peace.



 Hello Friends Welcome  To  M.B.S  web page .

MY Name is Yasmirys J Perez  I am a Professional license  Massage Therapist  & Bodyworker ,Master Reiki Practitioner ,Pranayama Breathing Meditator Guide , Sampoorna yoga practitioner .

For many years I have learned & served around the world , the art of giving through my services.

 I assist in the restoration & connection  of  Mind, Body and Spirit .

 Throughout my Travels   I  notice that the  key elements required to help achieve the goals of each Person , not only as a giver but as a receiver as well 

Are  truthful Intention , the love to serve ,Compassion, dedication and professionalism 

 Each one of my  clients begin their journey, In the search for techniques that aide them into their healing process  of one area or many areas in their life's.  Evolving to a better version of themselves 

 And all this begins by being honest and responsable .

 This are ancient  Methods  That aide  for  a balance , well-being and ultimate  Inner Peace and Contentment. 

 I Am here to assist you !

 look forward  to meet  you & assist you 

May peace be with you and your soul always.








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